Eric is a hometown boy who grew up in a single-parent, welfare home in East Dayton. He received a call to ministry at a young age, but wanted nothing to do with God or the church as he had seen it. After years of resisting God, he finally accepted the call to ministry. His passion is to help those far away from God to know that God loves them unconditionally and wants a relationship with them. He believes that practical acts of kindness will change the world, and that the church should be a place where everyone feels welcomed, loved, and cared for. His desire is to teach the Bible, and help take their next step closer to God.

Eric has served in ministry as a youth pastor in Ohio and Kansas.

Eric and Lori were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 20 years. They have a beautiful, out-going daughter.

In his free time he enjoys photography, reading, writing, backpacking, and watching movies.