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A welcoming place!

Recently, on his way back to his home in Florida, a friend of mine visited a new church with his family. That afternoon I saw his Facebook post which read simply, “Amazing hospitality! I have never been so well greeted and cared for at a church. Not even remotely.”

What an amazing statement about the way a local church made him feel!

They answered his questions, guided him to the right places for his kids, and had a special gift for him. The hospitality team even sent him a “Welcome” postcard.

At Crossroads Vineyard we are not where we need to be…yet, but we want to be. Nothing demonstrates God’s love to people better than helping them feel welcomed, loved, and comfortable so they can focus on encountering the presence God. It can be stressful to get the kids ready, get to the building on time, find everything you need, avoid spilling the coffee on yourself, and finding a seat…it is even harder if you are enter a place for the very first time.

I am always amazed at people who come to a place for the first time. They have overcome a lot of obstacles just to show up, and we want to make that journey a lot easier!

Would you like to help us make this happen? We need people to help greet, help people find what they are looking for,, and answer questions for those who visit us on a Sunday morning. If helping people feel comfortable so they can encounter the presence of Jesus is something you would like to do then let us know

I would like to join the Hospitality Team!

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