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Church in a casino?

A while back I heard about a church that had rented space in a casino. I have heard of schools, movie theaters, community centers, aerobic rooms, and, even, bars, but a casino was a first.

When a church meets in places like this there are some obvious critiques that will be made, but I’m sure this is the most common…

What if the person has trouble with gambling? Then go to another church that doesn’t meet in a casino…there are plenty around.

But, I like what this says about the church willing to take the risk! It says this is…

  • A church that is more interested in reaching the not-yet-convinced than the religious.
  • A church that wants area churches to know, “We aren’t after your attendees!”
  • A church that truly believes culture can be redeemed.
  • A church that believes people really matter to God, and sees an opportunity to impact the Casino staff members and customers.
  • A church that believes the stories of Jesus hanging with drunks, prostitutes, and thieves weren’t just a nice stories…they were meant to be lived.
  • A church that has stated, “We will exist for the unique transformation and elevation of the neighborhood, city, village or region where we are located.”


Those are principles I can get behind no matter what the methodology!

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