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When I worked for the Dayton Vineyard in Beavercreek we did some pretty big events. They took a lot of planning and preparation. The day of the event there was alway a ton that needed to be done, and a rapidly approaching deadline to meet.

With people running around everywhere there always came a moment when someone would say, “Time to gather up!” We would spend a few minutes talking, praying, and, just as importantly, reminding everyone that we while the process of getting ready was important we were there for the people.

When a church does anything there are three different approaches or concerns it can have:


All of these are necessary at some point. But in the end, only on is primary.

So often churches get caught up in the Programs it offers. They have stuff for everyone, and it is good to have stuff to do together as a church. Outreaches, Bible studies, activities…these are all great.

The problem comes when the program has seen its day and needs to be stopped. You can tell people have moved to a program mentality when the first thing they say is, “You can’t cut that program!” The program has taken primacy.

The other thing churches get caught up in is Processes. It is important to have a process and procedure. Disorganization causes more frustration and frustration than just about anything else in an organization. But sometimes, people are sacrificed and hurt because of the processes we have in place.

When we refuse to break the process or procedure in order to help someone…when someone says, “We have never done it that way before”…you know the process has taken over.

Our call is to be a place where People are the most important part of all we do. No matter how busy, no matter what needs to be done, no matter what…we take time out to remember that we are doing this for a human being who needs our love and God’s love. It is easy to get caught up in task mode so that you can serve people…all while ignoring the people you are there to serve.

Next time you are serving, make sure you are focused on the real reason you are there…to serve People!

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